Example of cancellation notice for March 7, 2018
Example of cancellation notice February 7, 2018 

The interpretation of Section 3402 (see below) of the Grand Lodge Rules and Regulations that many Lodges (and the Valley of Hartford A.A.S.R.) use to help their members stay safe in times of Winter Storm Advisories by canceling Stated Communication when a town cancels or closes schools early do to a storm.
GRAND LODGE of ANCIENT, FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT  RULES AND REGULATIONS Section 3402. Stated Communication Cannot Be Called Off or Continued. A stated  Communication of the Lodge cannot be called off except in the event of a public emergency during which the proper authority of the state, or of the town, city or borough in which the Lodge holds its stated communication, requests that citizens not travel upon public highways of such town, city or borough on the date on which the Lodge would hold its stated communication. A stated communication must be closed by twelve midnight (2400 hours) of the day on which the same is held pursuant to the by-laws of the lodge.

“If schools and church evening activities are cancelled due to inclement weather the WM can cancel his meeting without the need of a dispensation. He should try to contact as many members as possible to save any diehard drivers out there from going.”
Ted Nelson, GM
2017-2018 (February 6, 2018)

The Glastonbury Public School web site (http://www.glastonburyus.org/parents/closings-and-delays) states: “School closings are generally announced between 6:00 am and 7:00 am (on the day of the cancellation). Early dismissals are announced as soon as possible.”

The Lodge will post a cancellation as soon as a School Closing or Early Dismissal is announced by Glastonbury Public Schools.


Stated Communication Cancellation Policy

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