As I write this message, things are looking pretty dismal. The Lodge is dark. It doesn’t look great for opening in the near future. Nature has surprised us hard times, leaving us in physical isolation.

In Connecticut, the Governor has banned all unnecessary gatherings until at least April 22. Currently, . The planned Derby Night on May 2nd has been postponed as the Kentucky Debry was rescheduled to September 5th. Awards Night on May 6 is also postponed. You will be notified when suspended meetings and activities resume.

I am sure that we will come out of this isolation with a renewed desire to attend Lodge, meet with the craft on the level and even shake hands (perhaps at first only in the rituals).

When the Lodge can once more open its doors to our brothers, we will have our Fellowcraft Degree with Brother Juan Diaz in the East. The last time we opened, on March 4, SW Diaz was given his first opportunity to sit in the East and open and close the Lodge on the Fellowcraft Degree. Hopefully, we will be able to hold both the Fellowcraft Degree and a Master Mason Degree before the Summer Break.

Respectively submitted,
WM Tony Keegan

All Masonic and Lodge Activities are Suspended

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